۰۳ اردیبهشت ۱۳۸۷

Dear Minister Ramin , Are We Eating Shits?

We are working on a Manual on Food Processing with The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization these days. I was asked to take some photos of good kitchen and bad onces. I started to look for such pictures in the whole ministry of agriculture and the counterparts' offices, but I couldn't find a good one at all.

While our French Advisor saw these pictures and the kitchen ladies told her about how dirty and polluted the ministry kitchen and toilets are, she sadly replied:"Oh, we are eating shit."

I asked the cleaners and the cooks why the ministry administration is not repairing and paying attention to the cleanliness issue of the ministry. They said that most of these kitchens and toilets are like this after the ministry was reconstructed by Mr.Obaidullah Ramin.They have asked them to repair them but they have claimed that it is the contractors responsibility and they should do it not the ministry. And till that time you should keep on eating these shits.

This is one of the kitchens that the Men and ladies dirty water and shits drops down on the kitchen equipments and we are eating the food and tea from it every day. I don’t know how long can we resist against such shits and germs.

The teapot boiling the shit and then is served to us.

This is our Recycle Ben. We throw anything we don’t like to use here.

This is how our kitchen looks like. How are yours like?

۰۱ اردیبهشت ۱۳۸۷

Two days Workshop on Weblogging

I don’t exactly know who introduced web log to me, but I created one the same as creating an email account and then I had to recreate it many times because I had technical problems in managing it.
Kabuli.org was one of my favorite web logs I used to read every day. Sohrab Kabuli‘s name was a mysterious word I wished to meet. Finally I could meet him one day in NOMA office.

A serious and pleasant young man who has dedicated most of his times on web logging. He encouraged me to join the first web logging workshop in Kabul.

Today is the end of the two days workshop on web logging and I feel seriously of web . Now web log to me means not only a hobby to spend my free times on it , but a critical and comfortable way of expressing myself to the outside world.

I found Nasim Fekrat and Afghan Association of Blog Writers pioneers and a honest journalists who believe to freedom of expression practically and trust to change in the closed and traditional enviroment we live.

I would like to address those who have big expectations from the world to serve his community, but I say here to come and see Afghan Association of Blog Writers who help youngsters with very less facilities to the best of their knowledge and very honestly.